The von Burg Family Heritage

A legendary figure among Swiss watchmakers, George Josef von Burg (1914 -1986) pioneered many new standards, which were later adopted by other companies.

Over the course of his lifetime, Mr. von Burg focused on four key principles: Quality, Precision, Durability and Affordability.

These principles remain the hallmark of our company and they guide the decisions that we make.

Under the tutelage of his watchmaker father, George Josef von Burg learned the meticulous craft of watchmaking at an early age. In his 20’s, he demonstrated a singular ability to produce and sell his own private label collection of mechanical watches.

In 1947, Mr. von Burg began selling his watches throughout Europe under the registered brand name GEO Automatic. During the 1950’s, he moved to America with his family to set up a production facility designed to produce watch-related components for the US market. Shortly thereafter, he acquired a Swiss company to produce watches for other Swiss watch brands.

In 1961, George Josef von Burg founded CLARO Watch SA to handle production of mechanical pin lever movements and watches.

Mechanical Movement Calibres

CLARO Watch SA purchased movements parts from Baumgartner Freres Grenchen (BFG) and assembled them into finished movements, which were then marketed and sold to various markets. Concurrently, the company also purchased watch movement parts from Ebosa SA, Grenchen, Ebauches Bettlach SA, Bettlach, Ronda SA, and Lausen.

At its peak, CLARO Watch SA assembled and sold over half a million units every month. The best-selling and most widely-produced movement calibre was the 866.

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