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Customisation and Custom Movements

With over 40 years of expertise in movement manufacturing, CLARO Watch SA also specialises in new module and movement developments, which include creating thorough business plans of parts, services and complete movement developments.

Our specialties range from full mechanical, quartz analogue, digital movements and specialty precision movement parts.

The Mechanical Automatic CL-888

CLARO CL-888, Swiss-Made Gents Automatic

Over four years ago, CLARO Watch SA was commissioned to supply a new alternative low-cost, Swiss-Made Gents Mechanical Automatic Movement in Switzerland. At the time, the only available branded movement manufacturers catering to this market were ETA in Grenchen and Sellita SA in La Chaux de Fauds.

CLARO Watch SA has been operating in Hong Kong and Greater China for over half a century and it has developed a solid network of relationships within the region. In consideration of this, CLARO made a strategic decision to re-engineer an existing calibre that was readily available from the market. After carefully evaluating a number of options, CLARO selected a traditional, long-established calibre from the Far East that was originally developed by a Swiss group.

Starting with raw parts, CLARO Watch SA completely re-works, cleans, measures, sets and tests each part before adding our 100% Swiss-made content. The full assembly is completed, tested and calibrated in CLARO’s wholly-owned factory in Bellinzona, Switzerland. We control each phase of the process, ensuring the delivery of a higher quality product.

Our CL-888 is currently being used by twenty different Swiss and international brands. In 2008, over 100,000 pieces were produced and sold. The movement is 100% Swiss made under the terms of Swiss Federal Law.
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