The Watch Collections

Era 1965-1967

CLARO Watch SA produced a watch line, under the Old England brand, for the Loftus Family in London, England. The Loftus family controlled the styling and design and CLARO Watch SA was responsible for the full manufacturing and assembly of the watches. At the time, several hundred thousand units were very successfully produced and sold. 

Era 1969-1973

CLARO Beach Star Watch

The CLARO Beach Star Watch was a watch concept developed to make large-scale production of top loaded sport watches using mechanical movements (using BFG movements), completely water-resistant, in a new Noryl-Fiber plastic and metal alloy.

Both the concept and the manufacturing technique of these watches became a precursor to what SwatchTM later developed in the 1980’s with their watch designs. CLARO’s concept and technique served as the predecessor, which SwatchTM further developed on their own by incorporating the quartz analogue movement parts into the physical case of the watch

During the Basel Spring trade fair, CLARO Watch SA set up a display (the first ever of its kind) showing the entire manufacture and assembly of the complete mechanical movement and watch assembly under the CLARO Beach Star brand.  

The Basel City Fire Department made the CLARO Beach Star Watches “standard issue” for all firemen in the city. Click on Watch Collections Timeline to see a picture of officers receiving their new watches.

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